The Forearms of Christ

by Howard Hain


What attracts?

What is it that truly attracts?

Is it:

“Innovation”?   “Fresh ideas”?   “Progressive thinking”?   “Something new”?

I propose it’s none of the above.

I say it’s Love.

But I also say that Love made manifest looks a lot like this:

Wisdom. Sincerity. Peace.

Integrity. Honesty. Candor.

Decisiveness. Kindness. Strength.

Courage. Perseverance. Sacrifice.

None of which are old or new.

None of which are innovative or progressive.

None of which are tied to one generation or another.

We are in trouble. Our nation. Our world. Our time. And men are to blame. For we are weak and timid leaders.

We are cut off from mankind’s head—from Christ—Who is living, breathing Wisdom, Sincerity, Peace, Integrity, Honesty, Candor, Decisiveness, Kindness, Strength, Courage, Perseverance, Sacrifice.

Christ is true manhood made flesh.

We simply need more men. True men. Who act like men.

May we discover our true voice.

Human history has great recordings.

It’s tradition that Saint Joseph didn’t say too much, but how come I’m pretty sure that when he did speak, he spoke with clarity and strength?

How come I’m pretty sure that there wasn’t much room left for elaborate commentary and subtle interpretation?

How come I’m pretty sure that he was firm and steadfast and kind, and truly thought of as a man?

Perhaps I am pretty sure because God chose this “just” and “upright” man to raise The Son of Man.

I’m sure both Jesus and Joseph looked you straight in the eye.

I’m sure both had blisters and well-lodged splinters in their enlarged, calloused hands.

I’m sure both had forearms that betrayed their time with raw lumber and instruments of iron: Hammers. Saws. Chisels. Axes. Not exactly the tools of men who whisper one thing but say out loud another.

Joseph was a man. Jesus is The Man.

Let’s stop with all the pretending.

The world has a problem.

The world lacks men.

Lord Jesus please send us some.

Lord Jesus please raise us to be more like You.




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