Dressing for the Day


When you take off your clothes are you afraid of where they go?

Do you fear the place your clothes are laid?

Are you more concerned with the placement of your hat, shirt, pants, and shoes than you are of your body?

Obviously not. Although, we may take good care of our clothes. Hang them neatly. Fold them carefully. Push them down softly into a laundry bag.

We may even hold some dear to our hearts.

A wedding gown. A military uniform. A first-communion dress. Fabric entities such as these we often show respect, handle with extra care, hide away in safe places—when in reality they are no longer of much practical use at all.

Our bodies move on, independent of previous cloth. To be washed, fed, laid into bed…prepared for a new day.

The same can be said of our souls.

When you take off your body are you afraid of where it goes?

Do you fear the place your body is laid?

Are you more concerned with the placement of your head, shoulders, knees, and toes than you are of your soul?

Better not.

In reality it is no longer of any practical use at all.

The body is removed from the soul.

The soul marked by faith and wrapped in hope begins an ascent.

The body to be shown respect, handled with extra care, hidden away in a safe place.

Our souls move on, independent of particular flesh. To be washed, fed, tucked into bed…clothed for the ever-lasting day.


—Howard Hain




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