Parish Council—Group Portrait



Instability, a disturbed apple cart


The official in charge has not the capacity to lead

The chosen leader worries he hasn’t been chosen

“Christ walked freely among the dead. He reigned over those in hell.” ∼Saint Bernard

A résumé builder. Good for business. Looking for a home?

The house is on fire, she continues with the dishes

Can’t count the ones being paid or the ones with positions to hold


The women in faith are strong. Thanks be to God.

The quiet Joseph powerful in prayer in union with the vocal Mary

The fat guy in red is another fake

A box full of munchkins

Hide it? Burn it? Make a paper airplane and toss it toward a brave new world?

Maybe we’re all wrong

3 or 4 bedbugs chomp away

Fruit of the Spirit. They’re never isolation, secrecy, and a fear to leave.

Several little fiefdoms

Can’t lose control

A hostile takeover cloaked in good deeds

Not right or just

Let me just finish my time

Please shut up…

Please say something…

Whose building is it anyway?

Now is not the time to deal with that…

Have you ever had to worry about a real financial concern in your life?

Please don’t ask me that question…it interrupts my complaining

Let’s move on…

You’re not married, you have no children, you have all your basic needs ensured for life…what the hell do you know?

We can discuss that after the meeting…

I just want to go home


hd hain

(August 2018)


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