9/29/18 (2)

Breaking Free

(Prison Break/Jail Break)

—Jesus slipped away

—Peter in prison/released by an angel

—Paul in prison/earthquake

—Paul escapes in a basket

Like a Lion in a cage walking in circles.

I was so very scared.

The Lord wants me to walk in a very free manner. Everything—liturgy, worship, prayer—to the most stark degree, to the most minimal degree, done continually.


Howard Hain  Sept. 29  2018




Saints not sinners

His holy people

I feel most at peace when I am in the city, among many people, at the Met, bright, clean, beautiful, a place full of interested people, families, travelers, explorers, vacationers, searching, looking, open, dressed better than normal, holding hands, laughing, discussing things normally not allotted time, life.

God always chooses life.

(Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, married man, martyr)

What if he just raised his hand and went back to his wife and children?

Would that make him any less of a martyr?

What if I raised my hand and went back to my wife and child?

Would that make me any less of a man?

I have a feeling that most of the men that left the priesthood, the seminaries (and the women in the convents as well) entered for the right reason, and that’s why they left, they left for the right reason.

You can’t discuss your mental health with the prison guards.

Break the cycle. Halt the rigor.

Why afraid to be paid? Prisoner isn’t. Hard labor. No pay. Bread and water.

Purity is so easily offended.

Innocence is so easily tarnished.

(Saint John of the Cross. Imprisoned by his brother priests for nine months.)

He saw the window and went for it. He made his decision. He escaped. He chose life. To live. So do I. I see the window and go for it. I make the decision. I escape. I choose life. To live.

I am free.


Howard Hain  Sept. 29  2018



Untitled 9/26/18

Strange energy

Core of my being

Causing me to grunt

To commune like a caveman

But to walk upright

Humanism elevated to the primal degree

Raw data

Fight or flight

Flesh and Spirit

Spirit and Truth

Locusts and honey

Uncooked meat

The finest wine

By the bucket load

A single drop

From a tarnished chalice


Can’t be dirtied

As hard as they try

That pointy-eared bastard

Striking an innocent pose

He’s met his match

Superman in a long white robe

Chest afire

Heart engaged

Burning man

A funeral pyre

Ashes turned to ink

Tattoos for free

“John loves Mary”

For all to see

A caveman takes her into his home


Howard Hain   Sept. 26  2018



Untitled 9/25/18

Identify it.

Fix it.

Move on.



Shatter stone.





Another sip of coffee.

Drive the kids to school.

Love at night.



Scream in the car.

Sleep soundly.

Jump up to rescue a frightened cat.

Crush enemies.

Judge mercifully.

Open the window.

Hear the whistle.

Follow the sound.




Flex in the mirror.

See truth in your most undeveloped part.


Howard Hain  Sept. 25  2018



Private Collection/ Public Gallery

All the world the Inner Room.

The Inner Room set aflame.



A fresh coat of paint.

A kneeling man hugging a tree.

Tourists all dressed the same.

A small shiny speck on a large gray carpet.

Masterpieces within spit’s reach.

All for a dollar.

All began with I’m afraid of nothing.


Howard Hain   Sept. 24  2018

The Robert Lehman Wing, Metropolitan Museum of Art



Untitled 9/23/18

Why do I resist?

For years you’ve allowed me to be woken up

Perhaps it’s even you who shakes the bed?

Sit up straight

Open and read

Each and every time

A bright encounter

Yet my fear prefers to toss and turn

A boat tossed at sea

Afraid to board the dinghy

When in reality I’m tied to the dock

One small step and I’m on dry land.


Howard Hain   Sept. 23  2018